Ridiculously expensive machine can sign for you

Ridiculously expensive machine can sign for you

Do you feel it is too much trouble to sign documents all the time? 

Then the watchmakers at Jaquet Droz have used their mechanical expertise to make a solution for you.

After 4 years of development, the company has launched their signature machine that can write your signature for you. 

The machine is completely mechanical and therefore does not need to use anything other than the corresponding ballpoint pen to sign your signature.

The signature machine is available for the neat sum of DKK 2.2 million – but of course you also get a small leather holder. 

Here you can see the fantastic little machine in operation:


Each product is handmade

For the mildly high price, you get a handmade product made up of over 500 parts. Each unit will be specially produced for you with your signature encoded from the start.

To use your signature, you need to encode a four-digit code. That way, your signature can’t be forged even if the machine is stolen.

In addition, the machine must be wound up on a small mechanism on the side. A rewind can be used for about two signatures before rewinding.

It must then be the gift of the man who has everything – including a huge surplus in the bank account.


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