New technological trend: pop-up camera

New technological trend: pop-up camera

Most smartphone manufacturers are currently embarking on a battle over who can cover most of the front of their screen products. However, the biggest speed bump in the fight is the camera at the top of the phone, which prevents the screen from reaching the top.

Vivo APEX FullView with pop-up camera

Chinese company Vivo has announced a solution for their prototype APEX FullView. Here the whole front of the phone is one big screen and the selfie camera is invisible. It sits at the top of the phone and is pushed up only when you need it.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro’s camera is in the keyboard

Likewise, Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro laptop is equipped with a beautiful display that goes all the way to the edges of the surface. Here, the webcam is instead placed in a button on the keyboard that you can press to bring up the small camera.

Both of these products are incredibly beautiful. There is something very special about a screen that fills the entire front of the equipment you use. But if it means my webcam should see me from below – a not very flattering angle for most of us – I say no thanks.

In the past, the iPhone X’s full-screen attempt has resulted in a huge notch in the screen. Here, too, we must bring a greater sacrifice in favor of the big screen.

Here, Vivo with their pop-up selfie camera may have something to grab. If the little “pin” on which the camera sits is not easily broken, it may be the answer to what to do with the camera when it can no longer sit on the front.

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