Intel’s new smart glasses look like normal glasses

Intel’s new smart glasses look like normal glasses

For years, smart glasses have been the focus of several companies that will be the first to capture consumer interest. However, these products are often big, heavy and resemble something from a science fiction movie.

That’s not Intel’s new Vaunt smart glasses. 

Vaunt is a smart-eyewear that, like confusion, looks like normal eyewear. In fact, there is only a faint red gleam that reveals that it is not. And the blink can only be seen from very narrow angles.

Instead of using a projection on the glass, as many other smart glasses do, Vaun uses a weak (and harmless) laser to show you notifications, directions, recipes, or anything else directly on your retina. However, like most smart glasses, they must be paired with a phone via Bluetooth.

Below you can watch’s exclusive video about Intel’s new smart glasses.

Socially acceptable smart glasses

According to Intel, the Vaunt glasses are designed with a simple goal; to make smart glasses socially acceptable. Intel says that most glasses are large and clunky, and that many users want to avoid looking “nerdy” when wearing them.

Therefore, Vaunt weighs only 50 grams, which is more than many ordinary glasses, but significantly less than other smart glasses. They also look like a perfectly normal pair of glasses. But Intel Vaunt saves on a simple 400 x 150 pixel display.

Intel later this year gives software developers access to the new glasses so they can devise and develop ways to use the technology. 

There is no date yet on a release of the Vaunt glasses. 

Smart glasses are another smart intelligent product that can make your home and your life more efficient and smart by connecting your mobile phone to other devices such as. fitness watches, dimmers and household robots.

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