Google Assistant can make calls for you soon

Google Assistant can make calls for you soon

For several years there has been a technological battle between the various virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri and others in the market. 

Now Google seems to have taken a giant step ahead of its competitors.

For the Google Developer Conference the other day, the company demonstrated a new art they have taught their assistant – namely, to have it make calls on your behalf in a way that those receiving the call do not even notice that they are talking to a robot.

The video below shows two genuine conversations that Google’s assistant has with a hairdresser and a restaurant employee, respectively. 

A giant step forward

The new features of the Assistant have come from Google’s continued focus on artificial intelligence. In this case, the assistant has been “trained” by listening to thousands of calls to understand how to answer various questions.

After demonstration, however, it was emphasized that Google Assistant still cannot conduct a fluid conversation, but is limited by simple tasks such as booking a time at a hairdresser or similar.

It may still be a long time before you can access this feature on your own phone, but Google says they will continue testing and improving the feature over the course of this year.



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