Dry lips: Recover the softness of your lips!

Dry lips: Recover the softness of your lips!

When you talk about softness, do you think of your lips? Very few do. First they think of skin lotions or hair products. But when it’s time for the first kiss, alas! At that moment we remember them and notice that they are dry. Don’t let your first kiss be rough. In Life and Health we give you some tips to recover the softness of your lips.

The lips are the door to enter your mouth and therefore have one of the most difficult and least grateful jobs. They are the first to test if the coffee is hot, they receive the dust in a window, they endure the harsh cold of winter in the open and they tan when you do not apply sunscreen .

In reality, very few lips have the recognition they deserve. For example: the lips of Angelina Jolie, or those of Beyoncé, or those of the models of lipsticks that pose for magazines and television cameras. That is why it is time that we begin to take care of them so that they are always soft and healthy.

Why do lips dry out?

The skin of the lips is very thin and needs to be always hydrated to stay healthy. Lips dry faster and more easily than any other part of the body.

The sun and the heat of summer, as well as the cold and wind of winter, are its worst enemies. But they are not the only ones to blame. Speaking with an open mouth, trying very cold or very hot foods, and not drinking enough water, also affects them.

Thus, every minute of the day, the lips lose their moisture and open small cracks in them, until they finally break or break. What can we do to treat this dehydration on the lips?

What should you NOT do when your lips are dry?

  • Let the toothpaste (toothpaste) and mouthwash touch them: When they are very strong, they can irritate the cuts that your lips already have and aggravate them.
  • Wet them with saliva: Saliva contains acids that irritate the skin of the lips. And when it evaporates, dryness worsens.
  • Peel the dry parts: It only makes the skin of the lips even more sensitive, or that larger wounds become and bleed.

What IF you can do to recover the softness of your lips?

  • Use an ointment for lips: It is as if it were a barrier to the skin, or dark lenses for your eyes. An ointment, or a lip balm, is the best way to keep them hydrated and protected from the weather, and dust. Ideally it should contain SPF (sun protector factor, for its initials in English) of 15 or greater to protect you from the sun’s rays . In addition, it is ideal for healing small wounds or cuts that you already have. Apply it as many times a day as you can; The more, the better.
  • Drink water, lots of water : Dehydration of your body affects your lips immediately.

As you can see, it is not difficult to keep your lips hydrated and soft. It is also worth it. Always carry a lip ointment with you, and use it as many times as you see fit. Little by little you will notice that the softness returns to your lips, and it will help you keep them healthy too.

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